Transitioning to the National Educational Standards

This web page contains information to assist instructors, certified providers, and students to transition from the current NYS Bureau of EMS curricula, to the National Educational Standards. The final details of the transition are not yet finalized, however we will update this page as the process moves forward.

The State Emergency Medical Services Council adopted the National Educational Standards to be used in NYS. With over 62,000 certified EMS providers in the State of New York, we need to assure that the transition moves forward as smoothly as possible.

BEMS Course Sponsors should use the information below to begin their preparations to develop their new courses.

New EMT CME forms are now available:

New CFR and EMT Final Practical Skills Exam Sheets:

These sheets must be used for all courses taking the NYS Written Certification Exam on or after January 3, 2017.

A general synopsis of the changes are:

National Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) will be the NYS CFR with some modifications.

  • Estimated hours = 48 - 60

National Emergency Medical Technician will be the NYS EMT with some modifications.

  • Estimated hours = 150 - 190

National Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) will replace the NYS Intermediate.

  • Estimated hours = 160 - 200

NYS Critical Care (CC) will not change for now. This course will stay as-is.

National Paramedic will be the NYS Paramedic.

  • Estimated hours = 1000 - 1200

New ALS Practical Skills Manual (PDF)

As of April, 2012, the draft implementation dates are as follows:

CFR and EMT will be tested on the new Educational Standards beginning with the December 20, 2012 exam.

AEMT and Paramedic will be tested on the new Educational Standards beginning with the May 23, 2013 exam.

With regard to the NYS CME Refresher Program:

  • All Course Sponsor EMT CME programs completing on or after December 20, 2012 must conform to the new objectives.
  • All EMT CME participants who submit for recertification on or after December 20, 2012 must submit a letter from their CIC of record for their agency that the participant has completed all newly developed objectives either through agency based training or training through a BEMS Course Sponsor.

NYS will not develop a separate NYS curriculum for any of the new changes. However, soon NYS will supply a document for each level that will contain objectives to be covered in each course. These objectives will be used in conjunction with the National Educational Standards and the National Instructor Guidelines. Below are some documents to begin your preparation for the move to the National Standards.

This document lists the Educational Standards for each level of certification:

These documents are the National Intructional Guidelines (New York State Version) for each level of certification:

National Association of State EMS Officials Transition Documents:

NOTE: Some "Supplemental" components in the following documents are being considered as "Essential" in NYS. Additional details will be forthcoming.

If you are a National Registry certified provider, NYS's refresher courses will contain the required updated materials to reflect the National Education Standards. This will serve as your "transition" course that National Registry is requiring.

New York State Specific Documents

Additional templates and documents will be forthcoming as they are developed.