Free Lead Testing Pilot Program

A 1.5-million-dollar state program to test for lead in drinking water is now available to New York State residents. The Free Lead Testing Pilot Program (FLTPP) will provide NYS residents who are served by either a private well or public water system with an opportunity to have their residential drinking water tested for free. The FLTPP will continue as long as funds are available. The testing will consist of two samples, a first-draw and a flush sample, per dwelling unit (i.e., house or apartment).

The easiest way to participate is to fill out a short form and e-mail it to the Bureau of Water Supply Protection (BWSP). (en español)

Alternately, you can email directly or call the State Health Department at (518) 402-7650 to request a free drinking water lead test kit. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. your name;
  2. your phone number;
  3. your e-mail address;
  4. address for sample location and address for mailing test kit, if different;
  5. county for sample location;
  6. 1st choice for participating laboratory selected from the list below; and
  7. 2nd choice for participating laboratory selected from the list below.
Laboratory City/Town County
Advanced Analytical Technologies Orangeburg Rockland
EMSL Analytical, Inc. New York New York
Envirotest Laboratories, Inc. Newburgh Orange
Erie County Public Health Laboratory Buffalo Erie
NY Environmental and Analytical Labs Inc. Port Washington Nassau
Westchester County Department of Laboratories and Research Valhalla Westchester

We will notify the laboratory of your request. The laboratory will then send you a sample kit that includes:

  • two 250 ml sample containers, one marked “first-draw sample” and another “flush sample”;
  • sampling instructions with a mailing box; and
  • return postage.

You will need to collect and return the samples to the laboratory within 30 days from receiving the sample kit. The laboratory will analyze the samples, and mail the test results and information back to you within 30 days from the day they received your samples.

Where can I get more information?