NYS Radon Task Force

The NYS Radon Task Force was established by Assembly Bill 10774A and Senate Bill 8845A in June 2018 to conduct a comprehensive study on the prevention of human exposure to radon and make recommendations to reduce and minimize exposure to New York state residents. The Council is chaired by the NYS DOH.

Specific items to be addressed include:

  • The need for interagency coordination of public education and outreach and prevention programs
  • The need for training, education and possible licensing of radon services providers
  • Any other related information that the commissioner of health may deem necessary or relevant in carrying out such study of radon in indoor settings

A report of the findings and recommendations of the task force and any proposed legislation necessary to implement such findings shall be filed with the governor, the temporary president of the senate, the speaker of the assembly, the minority leader of the senate, and the minority leader of the assembly on or before November 1, 2022.

Please contact radon@health.ny.gov for additional information.

The NYS Radon Task Force consists of the following members:

Name Seat Category
VACANT Governor's Appointee –
Real Estate Representative
George Schambach Governor's Appointee –
Radon Testing & Mitigation Expert
Richard Kornbluth Temporary President of the Senate Appointee
VACANT Speaker of the Senate Appointee
John Addario, Director –
Division of Building Standards & Codes
Secretary of State or Designee
Gary Ginsburg, Director –
Center for Environmental Health
DOH Commissioner or Designee
Selica Grant –
Chief Risk Officer and Special Counsel
DOL Commissioner or Designee
(left July 25, 2022)
Darren Cohen –
Deputy Commissioner for Policy, Strategy and Research
DOL Commissioner or Designee
(appointed July 25, 2022)


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