Oil Spill Relocation - What You Need To Know

We Can Help

Sometimes after an oil or gasoline spill occurs, the New York State Health Commissioner determines that residents should temporarily move out of their affected homes because of the increased risk to their health. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Department of Health work to temporarily relocate you and your family. If the spiller of the oil or gasoline is unknown or refuses to pay your relocation expenses, the state has a special fund to reimburse your expenses until the Commissioner determines that you can move back into your home.

How We Can Help You

Reasonable costs from your temporary relocation including lodging, meals and other related expenses can be reimbursed. Please use the enclosed Travel Reimbursement Allowances as a guideline for your lodging and meal expenses. Any expenses above the guideline for your county must be reviewed prior to payment. We cannot give you money up front so it is important that you save all receipts; also, keep your relocation costs within your county guidelines, otherwise your money may not be refunded. If you cannot afford to relocate, contact us to see if we can help make arrangements for your lodging and meals. If you need help or if you have any questions on what expenses can be reimbursed, please call the toll-free number listed below.


Below are two forms you MUST fill out to be eligible for reimbursement.

We will assist you in completing these forms, if necessary.


It could take more than a month or two to be paid back for your expenses.

Additional Information

Please let us know where you are staying--we may need to get in touch with you.

Questions? Need Assistance?

Call the New York State Department of Health at 518-402-7810 or 1-800-458-1158.