HEAL NY - Phase 10

Improving Care Coordination and Management through a Patient Centered Medical Home Model Supported by an Interoperable Health Information Infrastructure

HEAL 10 will support competitive projects across all regions of New York State designed to improve the coordination and management of patient care through implementation of a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model supported by the effective use of interoperable health information technology (health IT). The projects will identify a target patient population with a chronic disease or high risk/high cost diagnosis and include all of the key care givers in their community involved in patient care for this population.

Coordination of clinical care will be supported by connecting these care givers through a PCMH model and the implementation of interoperable health record systems (EHRs) that are linked through the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY).

HEAL 10 will support inclusion of all types of health care providers including physician practices and clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other long term care facilities, home care providers and others. The patient is the center of this coordinated care model and projects will also include health IT for patients to be involved with all of their care givers in a safe and secure environment.

HEAL 10 is building on previous funding programs for information technology (HEAL 1 and 5, New York health IT strategy, etc) and helping to position New York to take maximum advantage of upcoming ARRA stimulus funding. These projects will allow New York to gain critical knowledge and experience in many challenging aspects of implementation including the area of "meaningful use" of information technology that will allow us to better support providers in New York State so they can maximize access to federal stimulus incentive funds.

Funded projects will participate in the statewide collaborative process already underway through New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) to further advance policies and requirements to continue to promote information technology in New York.