Community Health Assessment: About Oral Health Data

Oral Health

State Level Indicators

Data Source: BRFSS

  • Percent Adults that have visited a Dentist, Dental Hygienist, or Dental Clinic within the the Past Year

County Level Indicators

Data Source: NYSDOH Bureau of Biometrics and Health Statistics

  • Oral Cavity & Pharyngeal Cancer Mortality
    • Total
    • Ages(45-74)

Data Source: NYSDOH Cancer Registry

  • Oral Cavity & Pharyngeal Cancer Incidence

Mortality (Bureau of Biometrics and Health Statistics)
Rates are based on information recorded on death certificates. All deaths receive an ICD-10 code indicating the underlying cause of death.

For more information, contact Bureau of Biometrics and Health Statistics at (518)474-3189.

Crude and Age-Adjusted Rates
Oral cavity and pharyngeal cancer mortality rates for the total population and among persons ages 45-74 years are presented per 100,000 persons. Age-adjusted mortality rates are presented for the total population, with rates adjusted to the US 2000 population.
Incidence Age-Adjusted Rates (New York State Cancer Registry)
Data are based on reports from hospitals and other health facilities that diagnose and treat cancer patients. All primary tumors receive an ICD-O-3 code indicating the anatomic site of origin of the tumor. These data include only invasive malignant tumors. Data are presented for the five-year time period. Rates are adjusted to the US 2000 population.
ICD-O-3 Code Groupings (International Classification of Disease for Oncology, Third Edition
The New York State Cancer Registry has adopted the use of the ICD-O-3. All cases diagnosed in 2001 and later are reported to the New York Stated Cancer Registry using ICD-O-3.Cases from 1976 to 2000, which were originally reported using previous editions of ICD-O, have been converted to ICD-O-3 for accompanying data.

Users are referred to the SEER program web site for classification rules of individual (ICD-O-3) and mortality (ICD-10). See also Information about cancer statistics in New York.

For more information, contact New York State Cancer Registry.