Community Health Assessment: About Chronic Conditions Data

Chronic Conditions

State Level Indicators

Data Source: BRFSS

  • Percent Population 18+ with Diabetes

County Level Indicators

Data Source: NYSDOH Bureau of Biometrics and Health Statistics

  • Cirrhosis Mortality
  • Diabetes Mortality
  • Asthma Mortality
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (CLRD) Mortality (Before 1999 Cronic Obstructive Pulmanary Disease (COPD) Mortality)


  • Hospitalizations due to Asthma
    • Total
    • Age 0-4
    • Age 5-14
    • Age 15-24
    • Age 25-44
    • Age 45-64
    • Age 65+
  • Hospitalizations due to Diabetes (primary diagnosis)
  • Hospitalizations due to Diabetes (any diagnosis)

Diabetes (NYS Behavioral Risk Risk Factor Surveillance System-BRFSS)
All data relates to adults 18 years of age and older. The BRFSS is a telephone based survey that collects information on self-reported health related behaviors. The percent of adults with diabetes is based on the proportion of respondents who reported they have been told by a doctor they have diabetes.

For more information, contact the BRFSS Coordinator at (518)473-0673.

Mortality (Bureau of Biometrics and Health Statistics)
Data are collected from death certificates. All deaths receive an ICD-10 code (1999 or later) indicating the primary reason for the death. The codes used for the rates in this section are as follows:
  • cirrhosis ICD-10(K70,K73-K74)
  • diabetes ICD-10(E10-E14)
  • asthma ICD-10(J45-J46)
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease - (CLRD) ICD-10(J40-J47)

The mortality rates, with the exception of asthma, are rates per 100,000 persons. Asthma mortality rates are per 1,000,000. Both crude and adjusted rates are presented.

For more information, contact Bureau of Biometrics and Health Statistics at (518)474-3189.

Hospitalization Rates (Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System-SPARCS)
Data on hospitalizations are collected through the hospital inpatient discharge data system, SPARCS. Data are not available on events that did not result in a hospitalization, such as cases that were only treated in hospital emergency room. Each hospitalization receives an ICD-9 code at discharge which indicates the primary reason for the hospitalization. The ICD-9 code for asthma is 493. The ICD-9 code for diabetes is 250. For hospitalizations due to diabetes (primary diagnosis), only hospitalizations with diabetes as the primary diagnosis are included. For hospitalizations due to diabetes (any diagnosis), hospitalizations with diabetes listed as any diagnosis code are included. The rates presented are per 10,000 persons in a specific age group or the total population.

For more information, contact Public Health Information Group at (518)474-2543.