How to Get Access to and/or Correct Personal Records

What Personal Records Can You Access/Correct?

Requests for access to personal information can only be for that information which is collected and maintained by the New York State Department of Health. Only information which contains a number, symbol, mark or other identifier that can be used to identify a person is accessible. Personal information exempt from disclosure and/or correction by statute or law is not accessible.

How Do You Make a Request?

Requests for access/correction must include enough information to enable a search. In addition to a name or any other available identifiers, the request should include any known department program that collected the information, the approximate dates involved, and any known department units or locations where information was collected or submitted. If the information was collected on a form, the form number would assist in the search.

What Proof of Identity Will You Need?

Depending on the circumstances of the personal privacy request, validation or proof of the identity of a requestor may be required. If you submit your request as correspondence through the mail, a notarized statement would be acceptable proof. If you want to access the information in-person, a valid driver's license with photo or other proof acceptable to the Records Access Office will be required.

How To Submit Your Request

A request for access to and/or correction of a personal privacy record may be sent by landmail, FAX or e-mail to:

Records Access Office
New York State Department of Health
Corning Tower Room 2364
Albany, New York 12237-0044
FAX: (518) 486-9144

What Happens After Your Request Is Received?

The Records Access Office will acknowledge all requests for access, search for the information, determine if the information is disclosable, and either transmit the information or deny access as appropriate. If your request is denied, your rights to an appeal will also be provided.