Instructions For Electronic Filing Of The 2011 Bad Debt And Charity Care Independent Accountant's Report On Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures (BDCC Report) and 2011 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Certification

  1. The software programs to be used to electronically prepare and file the hospital´s 2011 BDCC Report and CFO Certification are available at the Office of Pool Administration´s (OPA)
  2. All related forms needed to establish User Accounts or provide guidance in the electronic filing process are available at the OPA´s website noted above via a link to the Department´s website or can be accessed directly
  3. To expedite the electronic filing process, please access, complete and submit the applicable form(s) noted herein to obtain a secure electronic filing User ID and Password.
    • DOH-5048 - Responsible Person - Individual requesting access to the Independent Accountant´s Report application. Must be completed each year.
    • DOH-5050 - Coordinator - Individual to perform data entry, designated by the Responsible Person. Must be completed each year.
    • DOH-5049 - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Individual requesting access to the CFO Certification application. Must be completed for 2011 e-filing. CFO User Accounts do not expire each year. Such accounts end-date only upon notice to the OPA (via submission of a new DOH-5049 form) that the facility has a new CFO or other duly authorized CFO signatory.
  4. The completed forms must be mailed to:
    Regular Mail:
    Mr. Jerome Alaimo, Pool Administrator
    Office of Pool Administration
    P.O. Box 4757
    Syracuse, NY 13221-4757
    Express/Overnight Mail:
    Mr. Jerome Alaimo, Pool Administrator
    Office of Pool Administration
    333 Butternut Drive
    Syracuse, NY 13214-1803
  5. Please be advised that the hospital´s BDCC Report and CFO Certification are due no later than May 31, 2012. Failure to submit the report and/or the certification by the due date may result in the withholding of bad debt and charity care and indigent care pool distributions until an acceptable report and/or certification has been filed.
  6. Upon electronic filing of the BDCC Report and CFO Certification (note: these are separate applications/filings), an email confirmation notice, along with a copy of your hospital´s successfully transmitted report / certification, will be delivered to (1) your authorized accountant (report only), (2) the hospital, and (3) the Department of Health.

Please note: If you or your accountant have any questions or comments concerning the e-filing of your hospital´s BDCC Report or CFO Certification, please contact the electronic filing Help Desk at (315) 671-3800 or send an email

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