DOH Initiatives


The Department has a mandatory reporting system for adverse events occurring in hospitals called New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS). Serious occurrences defined as patient deaths or impairments of bodily functions in circumstances other than those related to the natural course of illness, disease or proper treatment in accordance with generally accepted medical standards are investigated individually and require the hospital to conduct a root cause analysis.

Clinical Guidelines

The Department has also been actively working with industry clinicians and experts to develop clinical guidelines, standards and quality of care to address the medical errors problem and improve quality of care outcomes.

Patient Safety Award Program

The Department has created the New York State Patient Safety and Patient/Resident Safety Award Program. We are committed to meeting the goal established by the Institute of Medicine for a 50 percent reduction in medical errors within the next five years. To assist in this effort and to recognize provider improvement initiatives, New York State is establishing an award program that will publicly acknowledge providers that have become leaders in this endeavor.

Two hospitals, two nursing homes, one adult care facility and one federally qualified health center are selected each year based on their accomplishments in promoting patient and resident safety and reducing errors. In addition to receiving the New York State Award, each awardee will be provided with a grant of up to $200,000 to work with the Department of Health in promoting their error reduction strategies with other health care providers in New York State.

Awards will be based on evidence that quality improvement efforts have produced actual reductions in errors. There will be two award categories for hospitals based on size; one award for hospitals 200 beds or less and one for those with more than 200 beds. There will be two award categories for nursing homes; one award for nursing homes 150 beds or less and one for those with more than 150 beds. There is an award category for adult care facilities and one award category for federally qualified health centers. Award winners will be expected to work with the Department and be willing to share their strategies for reducing medical errors. The selection of award winners will be made by a panel including national experts in quality improvement

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