Pharmacy Safety Forum 2010

In November of 2008, a funding opportunity was offered through Health Research Incorporated (HRI) sponsored by the New York State Attorney General through an out of court settlement with Cardinal Health Inc. HRI coordinated with Wadsworth Center and the Patient Safety Center to administer the funding. Within the Patient Safety Center the pharmacy safety systems grant began. It entailed:

  • 1. analysis of medication error data and recommendations for expanded pharmaceutical safety reporting in the New York Patient Occurrence and Reporting Tracking System (NYPORTS);
  • 2. compiling an inventory of medication safety practices and selection of leading practices in New York State Hospitals.
  • 3. implementation of organizational level projects in medication safety systems.

Preliminary survey results were presented at the SOPS User Group Meeting sponsored by AHRQ April 21st, 2010 in Baltimore, MD. Pharmacy Safety Project

The Pharmacy Safety Forum 2010 presented the findings from the Wadsworth Center and the Patient Safety Center grant funding to improve the safety and advance the knowledge base of medication safety systems in New York State.

Presentation Slides from the Forum