Community Health Planning Guidance and Data

Local Community Health Planning

Letter and Community Health Planning Template for 2016-2018 (PDF)
This cover letter from Commissioner of Health Howard Zucker and guidance describe the goals and required elements of a local community health assessment and planning cycle for local health departments and hospitals. In keeping with the Prevention Agenda 2013-2018, the Department is expecting that local health departments and hospitals will collaborate on the development of these documents and select at least two common priorities to address. At least one of these priorities should address a health disparity. As described in the guidance material, the priorities selected collaboratively can be the same priorities selected in 2013, or new ones.
Evidence Based Interventions and Measures to Assess Progress, Updated 2015 (PDF)
The DOH has updated the Prevention Agenda's recommended set of evidence based programs, policies and practices to help local communities address local priorities. These recommendations are based on a review of the scientific literature, consultation with subject matter experts within the Department and external partners and the actual experience of local partnerships as reported on the Update Survey completed in December 2014. The goal of this revision is to provide local communities with a set of interventions that offer local communities the best prospects of making meaningful progress in addressing chosen priorities. For each recommended intervention, the charts include short-term process measures to assess progress, as well as resources describing evidence-informed policies, programs and systems changes that will improve the variety of factors known to affect health.
Local Health Department Contacts
Directory of local health department community health assessment and health improvement plan liaison contact information.
New York State Department of Health Public Health Contractors
Map and listing of public health contractors that can support local Prevention Agenda activities.
Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP)   PHIP Contacts (PDF)
The New York State Department of Health's Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) will promote the Triple Aim - better care, better population health and lower health care costs - through regional contractors that will convene stakeholders and establish neutral forums for identifying, sharing, disseminating and helping implement best practices and strategies to promote population health and reduce health care disparities in their respective regions. The PHIP will help achieve improvements in population health through stakeholder collaboration, data-driven prioritization, and regional or local strategies for addressing health disparities.
Technical Assistance and Training Resources
Technical assistance and training resources for local health departments, hospitals and community-based organizations is being provided by:
2013 Archive of Community Health Planning Guidance and Data

Community Health Data for Assessment and Planning

The data sources below can be used for community health planning and monitoring interventions:

New York State Prevention Agenda Dashboard
The New York State Prevention Agenda Dashboard is an interactive visual presentation of the Prevention Agenda tracking indicator data at state and county levels. It serves as a key source for monitoring progress that communities around the state have made with regard to meeting the Prevention Agenda 2018 objectives.
Community Health Indicator Reports

This site links the previous Community Health Data Set (CHDS) and Community Health Assessment Indicators (CHAI). Many new indicators have been added to this site. Nearly 300 health-related indicators are now available. State and county trend data are available for the majority of these indicators.

In addition, nearly 20,000 tables, maps and trend graphs of health-related indicators are available for community health assessment and planning.

The top part of this site allows you to access indicator data for all counties in the state by health topic areas. The bottom part of this site provides access to individual county profiles of these health topic areas with direct links to county historical (trend) data.

Other Data Sources for Community Health Assessment and Planning
This list provides data sources that have been used to measure the progress made in the Prevention Agenda 2008-2012 priority areas. They have also been used to gather data and information on the current health status and health related factors (socio-economic status, environment, behaviors) affecting New York State residents. These data sources will be useful for community health assessment and planning.