Fast Food Tips

"It's a Treat"

If you eat at a fast food restaurant only once a week then fast food meals are a "treat" and you can be more flexible about the total calories consumed for that meal. But when you eat at fast food restaurants more than once a week, it's less of a treat and more a part of your regular meals and needs to fit into your overall calorie needs.

Easy Ways to Cut Calories

The main part of a fast food meal is typically that delicious hamburger, chicken or fish sandwich. Cut calories by:

  • Ordering small or smaller fries
  • Ordering water instead of soda
  • Order a small soda instead of a larger size
  • Order sandwiches/burgers without cheese
  • Split larger items with friends or family members
  • Choose broiled rather than fried items, like fish and chicken
  • Order basic sandwiches/burgers, instead of the ones with everything on it
  • Use ketchup or mustard instead of mayonnaise

Save Calories and Money

Are you a mother with a couple of kids? Save money and calories by ordering just one serving of fries. Split them up among your family. You save a couple of dollars and everyone gets to enjoy a small portion of fries.

When ordering a combo meal, always choose the smallest size. Paying that extra dollar for the next size up may sound like a deal, but it easily adds on hundreds of calories you don't need to your meal.

Skip the soda in favor of tap water. It saves money and calories. Why pay for sugar and water?