Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Calorie Postings

Q. Are all chain restaurants in New York state required to post calories on their menus and boards?

A. Not now. Currently, NYC and four other counties in NYS (Albany, Schenectady, Ulster and Suffolk) require and enforce calorie posting in chain restaurants with more than 15 locations nationally. Once federal legislation passes in 2011, all chain restaurants in the United States (with more than 20 locations nationally) will be required to post calories.

Q. Where can I find calorie postings?

A. Calorie postings can be found on menu boards, printed menus and drive-thru menu boards.

On menus, the posting can be found on the actual menu with the calories listed next to each menu item (similar size and font), or as an insert, appendix, supplemental menu or electronic kiosk at the table.

Any chain restaurant with a menu board is required to list the calorie next to each menu item (similar size and font).

FAQs About my Caloric Intake

Q. I'm not sure if I need more or less than 2,000 calories a day. Where can I find more information?

A. has information to assist in planning for caloric needs as well as meal planning.

Q. How many calories should my snacks be?

A. Depending on your calorie needs per day, snacks should be around 100 calories.

Q. What if I am concerned about other nutrients in fast food meals, like sodium or fat. Does that information also have to be posted on the menus and menu boards?

A. Not currently. When federal menu labeling laws go into effect for all chain restaurants, the restaurant will be required to have that information available to customers upon request. Currently, you may need to go to the web site for the chain restaurant you are considering eating at to get that information.