WIC Food Packages

WIC provides foods high in nutrients that are important for women and young children. WIC's goal is to ensure the health of participants and families by providing healthy foods. The WIC Food Package is:

Low in fat:

  • Only 1% or skim milk for women and children two years of age and older.
  • Low-fat cheese and tofu option.

High in fiber:

  • Whole grain cereals, oatmeal and canned or dried beans
  • Whole grain breads with the option for whole grain tortillas or brown rice
  • Cash value vouchers for fresh, frozen and canned vegetables and fruits year round for women and children.
    • Women receive $10.00 in vouchers monthly
    • Children receive $6.00 in vouchers monthly

Additional information about the WIC food packages is available at the United States Department of Agriculture WIC website.

General WIC Program Information