Fluoridation in New York State: Training

The Water Plant Operator Training is provided to cover the following topics:

  • Health Benefits and Regulatory Perspectives.
  • Additives, Equipment, Analysis, Safety, and Operation

The Spokesperson Training covers the following:

  • The most recent scientific, evidence-based information regarding community water fluoridation to spokesperson volunteers.
  • Provides fluoridation spokesperson training to professional volunteers representing various locations across the state, in order for these individuals to be knowledgeable and confident to discuss the benefits, effectiveness, and cost of community water fluoridation with members of their communities.

For more information, contact:

Division of Oral Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
4770 Bufford Highway, NE, MSF-10
Atlanta, GA 30333
Phone: 770-488-6054
New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Dental Health
ESP, Tower Bldg, Room 542
Albany NY, 12237
Phone: 518-474-1961
Bureau of Water Supply Protection
New York State Department of Health
547 River Street
Troy, New York, 12180-2216
Phone: (518) 402 7652