Health Homes Learning Collaborative

On September 28, 2012. the Department of Health launched its first session of a Health Homes Learning Collaborative. The Learning Collaborative will provide a forum for identifying and sharing best practices in Health Home design and implementation. A link to the summary of the first meeting is available below.

This Learning Collaborative series is facilitated by the Center for Health Care Strategies in close partnership with DOH and with support from the NYS Health Foundation and will be open to invited representatives from approved Phase 1 and and Phase 2 Health Homes. Findings that emerge from this forum will help guide ongoing implementation efforts and inform state policy decisions around this significant delivery system reform effort. Provider led Health Homes will be required to include a network partner representative for future meetings. The Health Homes Learning Collaborative aims to build from the success of the earlier CIDP Learning Collaborative, which identified critical elements of successful care management programs for high-need beneficiaries, and in doing so, helped shape New York's current Health Home strategy. A link to a summary of findings from the CIDP Learning Collaborative is available below. This information may be helpful in informing Health Home implementation efforts.

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