Health Emergency Preparedness Program Inventory Management System Project

FAU Control # 0807291103

Issued by New York State Department of Health - Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program

Schedule of Events (Note Amendment to Schedule of Events Below)

Letter of Interest Due February 24, 2009
Written Questions Due March 2, 2009
Registration for Bidders Conference Required by March 4, 2009
Bidders Conference (Revised) March 20, 2009
Response to Written Questions and
Questions Received at Bidders Conference
March 27, 2009 (Revised)
Additional Written Questions Due April 27, 2009 - Added
Additional Response to Written Questions May 18, 2009 - Added
Proposal Due Date June 19, 2009 - Extended
Product Demonstrations August 3 - 7, 2009 - Revised
Contract Award Date October 30, 2009 - Extended

Contact Information

Designated Contacts

Pursuant to State Finance Law §§ 139-j and 139-k,the Department of Health identifies the following designated contacts to whom all communications attempting to influence this procurement must be made:

  • Jonathan Mahar
    Grants & Procurement Unit, Room 1341
    NYS Department of Health
    Empire State Plaza
    Albany, NY 12237
    Phone: 518.474.7896
    FAX: 474.8375

Permissible Subject Matter Contacts

Pursuant to State Finance Law § 139-j(3)(a), the Department of Health also identifies the allowable contacts listed below for communications related to the following subjects:

Submission of Written Proposals or Bids:
Submission of Written Questions:
Participation in the Pre-Bid Conference:
Negotiation of Contract Terms after Award:

  • Nikhil Natarajan
    NYS Department of Health
    Flanigan Square, Rm. 430
    547 River Street
    Troy, New York 12180
    Phone: 518.402-7713
    Fax: 518-402-7723