Request for Applications: Rape Crisis and Sexual Violence Prevention

Component A - Direct Services to Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault and Community Based Primary Prevention Education
Component B - Centers of Excellence in Sexual Violence Prevention

FAU Control # 0911101119

Issued by New York State Department of Health, Center for Community Health, Division of Family Health, Bureau of Women's Health, Rape Crisis Program

Schedule of Events

Questions Due February 8, 2010
Deadline for Registration February 9, 2010
Applicant Conference February 10, 2010
Questions and Answers Posted February 18, 2010
Applications Due March 22, 2010 -

Contact Information

  • Deborah Joralemon
    Rape Crisis Program
    Bureau of Women's Health
    New York State Department of Health
    Empire State Plaza
    Corning Tower, Room 1805
    Albany, NY 12237
    Phone: 518-474-3664
    Fax: 518-474-3180