Invitation for Bid: HPNAP Walk-in Refrigeration Equipment

IFB # 0605020340

Commodity Group Number: 25200

Schedule of Events

Bid Solicitation Date: 06/26/06
Bid Opening Date: 07/17/06

Designated Contact for Technical Questions related to this Procurement

Amy Clary
NYS Department of Health
Division of Nutrition
Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program
150 Broadway, 6th Floor West
Albany, New York 12204
Telephone (518) 402-7392, Fax (518) 402-7220

Designated Department of Health Lobbying Contact for this Procurement

Bonnie DeGennaro
NYS Department of Health
Bureau of Accounts Management
Empire State Plaza - Room 1325
Telephone (518) 402-5243

Download the IFB (PDF, 1057KB, 56pg.)