Supervision Level III Aquatic Staff Certification Required for Instructional Activities

Not Applicable to Children's Camps

Fact Sheet – March 2016

The New York State Sanitary Code (SSC) requires Supervision Level III staff to possess aquatic injury prevention and emergency response certification when assisting required lifeguards (Supervision Level IIa) during instructional activities, in accordance with Section 6-1.23(a)(6) of Subpart 6-1 of the SSC. Instructional activities include, but are not limited to, learn-to-swim programs, physical education classes and swim team practices.

One Supervision Level III staff must be provided for each required lifeguard engaged in instructional activities.

In addition to the training, Level III Aquatic Supervisory staff must:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years;
  • Possess a current American Red Cross Community Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or equivalent certification, not to exceed one year;
  • Possess competencies as specified in Section 6-1.31(c)(1)(iii) of the State Sanitary Code.
Provider Certification Title
American Red Cross2 Lifeguard Management3
East Aurora Union Free School District East Aurora Union Free School District Level Three Aquatic Supervisor Course
Buffalo Public Schools Second Set of Eyes


  1. Certifications are valid for the time period specified by the provider, but may not exceed three years from the date of course completion.
  2. Lifeguard Management certifications:
    • As of 1/1/14, Lifeguard Management (LGM) is only offered online. In-person testing is required and obtained through ARC Lifeguarding Instructors that are ARC Authorized Providers.
    • Certification expiration date is based on the LGM certificate, not the in-person testing certificate date.
    • Cards issued prior to 1/1/14 without an expiration date can be accepted for three years from date of issuance.
  3. Certifications issued after 12/31/13 must be accompanied by a separate certification indicating in-person testing session.