Camp Trip Swimming Program Safety Certifications for NYS Children's Camp

Fact Sheet - February 2015

The following courses have been accepted by the Department as meeting or exceeding course standards for training in Children's Camp Swimming Program Safety specified in Section 7-2.11(a)(4)(iv)(a) of the State Sanitary Code.

When swimming is conducted during a camp trip to an aquatics facility that is supervised by qualified lifeguard(s), the camp must supply one additional lifeguard or a staff member possessing training in Children's Camp Swimming Program Safety for each 75 campers at the swimming activity (See Aquatic Certification Fact Sheet for a list of qualified lifeguard certification). A camp supplied lifeguard or staff trained in swimming safety is not required for aquatic amusement park activities that allow only one or two patrons in the water at a time and the activity water depth does not exceed chest deep for non-swimmers.

Provider Certification Title
American Red Cross Lifeguard Management2,3
Lifeguard Instructor
American Red Cross on Long Island Pool Activity Leader
Boy Scouts of America Aquatic Supervision
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation New York State Lifeguard Management
YMCA Aquatics Management
Aquatics Management Trainer


  1. Certifications are valid for the time period specified by the certifying agency, but may not exceed a consecutive three-year period from course completion.
  2. Lifeguard Management certifications obtained online:
    • As of January 1, 2014, Lifeguard Management is only offered online. In-person testing is obtained through American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructors that are American Red Cross Authorized Providers.
    • Certification expiration date is based on the Lifeguard Management certificate, not the in-person testing certificate date.
  3. Certifications issued after December 31, 2013, must be accompanied by a separate certification indicating in-person testing session.